Moving forward.

You may not know me yet, but we share a mutual loved one. Her name was Jamie Anderson. She was my teacher, she called me her daughter (before she had a few of her own), her sister, her mentee, her best friend, her employee, and her shama-lama-ding-dong. (She gave EVERYONE nicknames.) The last title – her kids still call me that daily. Johnny Boy even nicknamed my nickname, and calls me Ding Dong or just Ding. Trust me, it’s pretty cute. But that fits – because I have my own nickname for him, too – Johnny Boy. Jamie always called him Baby John, but I never would call him that. We would always tease each other if someone called him by what the other one wanted. Good memories.

Jamie was an incredible person. She was vivacious, full of life, joy, ambition, and sweet sass. I am sharing this with you today out of my deepest heart-felt grief over her loss. I have never hurt so much in my life. I am also sharing this out of my overwhelming sense of gratitude. Over the past month, I have been with the Anderclan, almost non-stop since everything happened. We have received an outpouring of love and support.  We are all truly grateful for these this. At moments it has truly been overwhelming, in a good way of course. I have never felt the Lord lavish so much love on me, except for the day I became His. I loved Jamie with my whole heart, she meant so much to me. I feel such a deep sense of loss.

There is a HUGE whole in our lives now, but the Lord has been gracious to all of us who are missing her so much. He has seen fit to bring us all of you to help us care for her sweet family. It is hard to put in to words, so please bear with us as we write these blogs to keep you updated.

Every day is different. I remember something about her. I feel another aspect of her loss. There are so many variables. It helps to see and know that Jamie touched so many lives in so many ways.  This has not nor will it ever fill the huge whole that was Jamie, but it has truly been a healing balm to my soul. At moments it has been hard for me personally to accept this help I am not one to naturally ask for it. This was something Jamie found truly annoying about me because she had such a big servant’s heart. She always wanted to give so much.

I know for me going through the grieving process has been made easier being here physically with the Andercalan. Seeing the kids daily and helping them. I constantly get asked how the kids and John are doing. I know it would help others in their grieving for Jamie to know what is going on and being a part of the going ons of the Anderclan. Unfortunately, this is not possible for everyone out there that is grieving. Therefore, I hope I can share periodically what the Anderclan is up to. LYLT

- Sam Aileen Jasperson (Anderclan Nanny and student, mentor, sister and friend of Jamie)

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