Baby John turned 3!

Guess what? (So tempted to put “chicken butt” here… my first Facebook message from Jamie and my last text message from her was that. She was such a nut!) Anyway, someone in the Anderclan turned three!!! Johnny Boy turned 3 on the July 9! 

The day of his actual birthday was bitter sweet for me. He was turning three which of course is exciting but it was also another first big milestone involving the kids without Jamie here – Aubree took her first steps! I always remember the kids birthdays based on where I was the day I got the news they were born. Johnny is a different case though. You see, I was at church camp when Katie (a good friend of Jamie’s and mine) came up to me and shared the news that Johnny was back in the hospital. When John and Jamie where taking Johnny home from the hospital they pulled into their driveway and got ready to get Johnny out of the car when he turned blue. Therefore, I always forget where I was when I got the news he was born I just remember the moment of that news. Thankful everything turned out alright after a few days in the NICU.

We threw him an Avenger’s birthday party! He LOVES anything to do with good guys and bad guys. The day started early for me – but most days it does since Jamie’s youngest takes after her in that she is a morning person.  I cleaned and then went shopping with Hunter, Aubree and the birthday boy at Sam’s Club. Sam’s was one of Jamie’s favorite places because she loved buying things in bulk and always being prepared/extremely well stocked. This was my first experience there and I enjoyed it. Aubree and Johnny cracked me up because we would walk around and every so often we would hear music and they both would start instantly dancing no matter what was playing. Once we got home, the Calvary (aka the grandmas) were here. They helped prepare everything. We started blowing up the inflatables and setting up the backyard for the party.

Nice thing about summer babies is summer parties! John had a baby pool, a slip-in-slide, and a water slide for the kids to enjoy. And did they ever enjoy it! Oh my gosh, they had so much fun. We also had water guns and water balloons. Let me tell you I was so soaked the entire time. I could not walk in side at any point I was so wet. Johnny loved it! The only time from about 2ish to 7ish that we could get Johnny to come away from the toys was when we did the cake.

Guys, it was a beautiful cake. Deann Parker, who will forever be Mrs. Parker to me, did the cake. (Mrs. Parker taught with Jamie at Cy-Springs, hence why she will always be Mrs. Parker to me.) Then after they left Cy-Springs Mrs. Parker started making her own cakes and Jamie always used her for her cake smashes. I am not a big cake person but Jamie would always get me to try some of the left over from the smash. I was never disappointed – it was always SO good even though it was baby safe.

Guys we had so much fun that day. The kids loved it. They truly just got to enjoy life and enjoy being kids.

Johnny loved his day. He had the biggest grin on his face the whole time and just kept punching the air, something he does when he gets excited. Caleigh loved having people over. She wasn’t too big into the whole water gun thing. She got mad at me a few times when I got her, but then she would get me wet and that would have her rolling on the ground laughing. Even baby Aubree had a blast. She mostly chilled out in the baby pool or ate food. I cannot even tell you how many Oreos that girl had. She is very good at getting spoiled. Hunter had a fun time hanging out with her brother, cousins, and friends. We did miss Hay who was still in California with Jamie’s family. John had a good time too and don’t worry he was just as soaked as the kids. It was a good day for the Anderclan!

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  1. taylor
    September 1, 2015 at 1:12 pm (2 years ago)

    With every word I cry bc I can see the amazing photo shoot she would have created for him, but all the babies and John are so blessed to have so many people in their lives that care so much about them. They will always know how much their wonderfully, amazing mother loved them. I love all the updates and follow every one. We are all here if any of you need anything!

  2. Carrie
    September 1, 2015 at 4:41 pm (2 years ago)

    Love the updates!!!

  3. Jessica
    September 1, 2015 at 4:57 pm (2 years ago)

    Thank you for updating us. I love and miss seeing those beautiful babies faces in my newsfeed.


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